Butler has a long-term, reliable steel solution for conventional leaky roofs


Does your building have a typical, "rubber-type" roof that leaks? No matter what kind of existing conventional roof you have, you can eliminate leaks with a retrofit MR-24® standing seam roof system that requires minimal maintenance.


When we say long-term solution, we mean it. Butler introduced the MR-24 standing seam metal roof system in 1969. Since then more than 2 billion square feet of this high-performing roof system have been installed, and more than 95% of the installed MR-24 roof systems are still in use!

Installs Rght Over the Old Roof

Even better, it's unlikely that you will have to remove your existing roof or put up with the interruptions and added costs of a roof tear-off. With the MR-24 retrofit system, your Butler Builder® overlays the existing roof with a light-gage steel structural system to support the new roof panels and to provide positive drainage.

Any poorly designed roof details, interior roof drains or existing drainage problems are eliminated in the process.

Designed to Resist Failure

The MR-24 roof panels are secured with special clips that allow expansion and contraction movement without causing problems. The panels are also field-seamed in place with the same tough seam used on steel storage drums - forming a weathertight barrier to the elements. And the steel roof panels have a special resistant coating that won't break down under ultraviolet light. These features defy the major causes of roof maintenance costs and virtually elminate roof failure.

Best of all, the MR-24 retrofit roof system provides cost competetitive long-term protection for your inventories and assets.

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Consider the Possibilities

Covers Virtually any Conventional Roof System

It doesn't matter what type of existing roof you have - single-ply, foam, modified bitumen, metal or other - virtually all can be retrofitted with a premier MR-24 roof system, eliminating and correcting the sources of leaks.


Minimal Interruptions to your Business

The new roof goes on right over the old. In most cases, your old roof won't have to be torn off, so there will be few if any interruptions to your business. Nor will you have the added cost of tearing off, hauling away, and disposing of your existing roof.


Premier, Long-Lasting Performance

The MR-24 roof system has a longstanding, worldwide reputation for weathertight performance and outstanding quality. Independent studies project the MR-24 system can have a 40 year lifespan with minimal maintenance.